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[2011-12-12] Nightly test subscription cancellation


We're going to start automatically canceling older TEST site subscriptions on a nightly basis. This will only affect subscriptions belonging to TEST sites, and only those that are more than 6 months old. Subscriptions belonging to a live site and/or those that are less than 6 months old will not be affected.  Canceled subscriptions will have a cancellation message reading, "Test site subscription lifetime exceeded on xx/xx/xxxx."

* If needed, the canceled subscriptions can be reactivated. *


STARTING 12/15/11

We will begin canceling the old test subscriptions on Thursday 12/15/11 at approximately 10pm and we'll continue to do so on a nightly basis going forward.



As you may know, much of the work that we do at Chargify happens in our background processing queue, so this has been a key area in our recent drive to increase performance. While reviewing the queue data, we noticed that a non-trivial portion of this work was due to processing test subscriptions. Canceling these old and likely unused test subscriptions will free up bandwidth that can be better used to serve you and your paying customers.



Since it is possible to connect to a live Beanstream gateway from a  Chargify test site, please ensure that your live sites are NOT in test mode. If you are using a test site to handle live subscriptions through the Beanstream gateway, your 6+ month old subscriptions will be canceled, so it is important that you verify this. 



If you have any questions or think that you may have signed up a real customer through a test site, please open a support ticket immediately.

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    Joel Friedlaender

    I am keen on the process, sounds like a great initiative, I just would hate to see your service grind to a halt during one of the busiest times for us.  If it would have that effect, and expecting your first run will be massive with future runs only small, starting on Saturday would be preferred.  Thanks.

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    Lance Walley

    Hey guys,

    I don't think the precedure will itself be risky in terms of slowing things down, but I'll bring it up with the devs. At this point, having gotten the message out over and over and interacted with merchants re this, we don't want to change the schedule.

    Re Kevin's question, this new task will run every night... cancelling test site subs that have reached the 6-month-old mark.

    So far, through comments in tickets, people are happy with this and could even see having us cancel subscribtions even earlier than 6 months. What they *do* want to keep are products and sites, but test subscriptions seem not to have much value to merchants after early testing. And, of course, new subscriptions can be created to continue testing.

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    Kevin Mesiab

    Should we expect this to be a regular occurrence?  How frequently will our test/dev-mode sites be purged in this fashion?

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Will the cancelling of subscriptions put a big load on the server? If so, perhaps that first one could be done on a Saturday night so that it doesn't slow things down for your international users (that is 2pm for me).  I am guessing the first one will be the biggest?

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