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[2012-07-25] Unsent statements, receipts, and dunning notification emails

We discovered today that some statement, receipt, and dunning notification emails from Friday to today (7/20 to 7/25) were not delivered correctly. Only those emails connected to renewals (as opposed to signups) were affected.

We have resolved the problem and delivered the unsent emails.

In some cases, we may have resent statements and receipt emails that were already delivered. Hopefully, the emails will be obvious to your customers as duplicates rather than an indication of double-charges. We’re sorry for any inconvenience!

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    Simon Lenoir

    Hi Michael, 

    Do you guys have any plan to simplify the statements and make it understandable for the average person? We get about 30% of our clients that will call us at least once to insult us because they think we charge them too much. It's a simple matter of showing the information in the right order and add sub totals incl tax, excl. tax, incl discount, excl discount.

    The DUE/PAYABLE should be the bold large label, be easy to understand and match exactly the amount paid on the credit card.

    This should help: http://www.ato.gov.au/businesses/content.aspx?doc=/Content/48360.htm&page=4

    Alternatively you can check Rezdy demo and have a look at the checkout page: https://democookingclass.rezdy.com

    Use coupon code for complete example CHARGIFY1 or CHARGIFY2 etc...

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    Michael Klett


    Yes, we've gotten a lot of good feedback about Statements, including yours.  We would like to ship a new/simplified statement view and perhaps a customizable template.  This will probably be well down the line however.

    Thanks, Michael

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    Any status update on this request, we are facing with the same issue and we ending up recreating our own manual statement every month!!!

    Please let us know,


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