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[2012-08-30] Database Maintenance Window: Rescheduled to Thursday Sept 6th at 5AM Eastern

We are planning a database maintenance window for Thursday September 6th from 5AM-8AM Eastern time.

We do not expect any outage or downtime during this maintenance.  Please be aware, of course, that any change carries some risk of an outage.  In any case, we will keep our new Twitter account @ChargifyStatus up to date.

The changes we're making during this maintenance will set us up for more zero-downtime database maintenance in the future, even as we expand in to new datacenters.

UPDATE:  This maintenance was originally scheduled for Tuesday, but we've had to push it back to Thursday.  We're very sorry for any confusion or trouble!

UPDATE 2: This maintenance has been completed without any downtime.  This sets us up for some great changes coming soon.

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