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v1.6.0 (6/23/2011 ~ 3am EST)

  • Coupons now apply discounts to the total of all charges (including setup fees and component charges), not just the base fee
  • Coupons applied via a hosted signup page can now be validated by clicking a button, and feedback about the validity and discount of the coupon is provided to the customer
  • The following statistics are now available about coupon usage:
    • Total revenue generated through signups that used the coupon
    • Total amount of discounts provided by the coupon
    • Number of signups that used the coupon
    • A listing of subscriptions that used the coupon
  • Coupons can be archived
  • The Products tab view and UI has been improved to show more information about your Products, Components, and Coupons at a glance
  • Fixed a bug in the BCC settings where the BCC email addresses would "stick" and still be mailed, even when BCC emails were disabled (unchecked)
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