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v1.6.2 (6/30/2011 ~ 1am)

  • Added an option that merchants can select to suppress the emailing of statements when there is no amount due (see screenshot below)
  • The zferral error "Neither cookie found nor referer set" is now ignored and not displayed in the dashboard for new occurrences (this was a non-issue that only indicated that the subscriber was not referred by one of your zferral affiliates, so zferral couldn't accept the revenue event)
  • Fixed a problem that made the "Validate Coupon" button on the hosted signup page un-clickable in IE8
  • Fixed a problem that prevented coupon statistics from being viewed in certain conditions (an error page would be shown instead)
  • Fixed an issue where a statement could be emailed and appear "Past Due" even though it was actually "Paid"
  • Fixed an issue where a non-recurring or a forever-recurring coupon would not be applied at signup IF a recurring duration was also selected from the dropdown in the coupon setup form
Here's what the new option on statements looks like:


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