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v1.8.1 Released (8/2/2011)

  • Released initial support for the eWay gateway
  • Added an option to select which address to use for taxation purposes (see below)

eWAY Gateway Integration

eWAY specialises in delivering successful eCommerce payment gateway services to thousands of merchants. Established in 1998, eWAY is an international company with a trusted name in eCommerce solutions and remains at the fore front of the online payment industry.


Currently supports AUD within Chargify.

Selecting the Taxation Address

Since most Chargify merchants sell digital goods, requiring the shipping address (as a stand-in for physical address) can be confusing to your customers.  So, we're now giving you the option to select the address to use for taxation purposes.  We default to shipping address, if given, then billing address as the fallback.  The new option is found on the "Taxes" sub-tab of the "Settings" tab, as shown in the following screenshot.



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