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v1.8.3 Released (8/9/2011)

Full coupon support in the API

Using the API, you can now:

  • Create, read, update, and archive
  • Validate coupons by code
  • Add and remove coupons from existing subscriptions
  • Fetch coupon usage statistics

For more information, check out the Coupon API documentation and this awesome how-to style article by Rodrigo (coming soon).

Configurable Redirect After Card Update

We added an option to redirect customers to a URL of your choosing after they successfully update their payment details. We already had similar functionality for redirecting after signup, and this works very similarly. The return parameters you define are shared between both redirect URLs (after signup and after card update). More information in the docs: http://docs.chargify.local/hosted-page-settings#return-url

Taxes to 4 Decimal Places

We increased the available precision for tax rates from 2 to 4 decimal places. Since we don't currently support compound taxes, this is handy to achieve the effective rate of compound taxes, i.e. 13.925% for Quebec's GST + QST.

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