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v1.14.5 Released

  • Slight API CHANGE: Usages listings are now paginated by default! This endpoint now takes a `page` and `per_page` parameters, as well as `since_id` and `max_id` to filter your results. See "List Usage" on http://docs.chargify.com/api-metered-usage
  • Hosted card update pages are now guarded by a basic fraud-detection device: after several card update attempts on a given subscription, subsequent attempts will be blocked
  • Added an `archived` attribute to the component API responses which returns `true` or `false` (See "Component Output Attributes at http://docs.chargify.com/api-components)
  • Switched the JSON encoding library used on the Subscriptions index API JSON for faster responses (this time, incoming JSON is parsed the old way so as not to cause any changes)
Known Bugs:
  • The webhook test is not working in all cases
  • Not all component types are returning the `archived` flag.
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