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v1.16.0 Released

  • Fixed a bug that prevented using `coupon_code` in Chargify Direct along with a product specified with `product.id`
  • Fixed a bug that prevented using `customer.reference` in Chargify Direct to specifiy an existing customer
  • Fixed an issue where setting the `enabled` flag for an On/Off Component on a Susbcription could trigger a validation error
  • Statements now display the text "Trial Ended" when subscription trials end without payment (rather than "Past Due") NOTE: If you have dunning configured we will still attempt to retry capturing the pre-payment for the first non-trial period.  We will offer separate dunning plans for trial ended subscriptions in the future.
  • Changed some subscription action link text to clarify their operation:
    • "Add a Charge" becomes "Charge Card Now"
    • "Make a Refund" becomes "Process Refund to Card"
    • "Manual Payment" becomes "Record External Payment"
  • Added `payment_id` to the transactions API response so Refunds can reference a Payment they are refunding (See http://docs.chargify.com/api-transactions)
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