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v1.20.0 Released (April 18, 2012 03:07 PM EDT)

  • New: Added `coupon_code` input to Reactivations performed via the API
  • Change/Fix: The `product_id` field on `account_transaction` fetched from the API is now only filled with the `product_id` that was current at the time of the transaction, instead of the present product's `product_id`. A null value for `product_id` means the product at the time of the transaction is currently unknown. (The `product_id` field on old transactions will begin being backfilled soon, but some very old transactions may never be backfilled) See http://help.chargify.com/entries/21218607-upcoming-transactions-api-bugfix-for-product-id-attribute
  • Documentation: Added a note to webhooks section of the site settings page that states the acceptable ports for webhooks (80 and 443, only)
  • Fix: Payment events in the activity stream are no longer linked to their details if no details exist
  • Fix: Memos for renewal payments no longer list a statement date, since the statement date was usually wrong.
  • Fix: Improved performance of component validations for components with very large quantity ranges
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