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v1.20.2 Released (May 3, 2012 05:27 PM EDT)

  • New: Refunds are now displayed in the daily status email
  • New: The `kind` field is now exposed in the Transactions API, which gives more detail about the transaction (i.e. "one-time" vs. "recurring" charges and payments)
  • Fix: Transaction filtering is now inclusive of the "until_date" given
  • Fix: Transaction filtering maintains scope when filtering (i.e. filtering transactions for a single subscription vs. all subscriptions)
  • Fix: When calculating migration prorations, previous coupon discounts are properly factored in to the credit amount
  • Fix: Email template "Revert to default" link now works correctly
  • Fix: the enhanced payment memos now report more accurately for signup vs. renewal payments
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    Tim Shnaider

    Great, filters work as expected.

    But of course I have some feedback :)

    1. <kind> is a very useful addition, could you please set it for Adjustments i.e. <kind>coupon</kind>, that way I don't rely on parsing the memo for 'Coupon' in case that ever changes..

    2. https://mockgentest.chargify.com/subscriptions/1672130#transactions - transactions from 14270785 onwards.

    Unless I'm missing something here, the Coupon on the subscription was not applied on product migration. 

    'TestCoupon' recurring limit was changed from 1 -> 10 yesterday as part of API testing. 

    Looks like it's possible that recurring limit is enforced for each subscription at the time the coupon was applied? 

    I'm ambivalent about this being the right thing to do, but then the coupon usage summary on the Subscription page should still say 'Applied 1 time out of 1 times'.

    I can't verify that the 2.08 credit is correct either - I'm doing a basic calc: $5.75 - ($5.75 / 30 days * 24 days) = $1.15

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