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Invoice Billing and Subscriptions UI update

Invoice Billing is a great option for those merchants who need to:

  • Receive payments from some or all customers via check or other offline methods
  • Exempt some or all customers from normal Dunning processes
  • Send more traditional Invoices that carry an expectation of payment, rather than our default Statements that provide a record of automated activity

This brand new feature is available to merchants starting at the Pro plan.

All of the gory details are available in the docs: http://docs.chargify.com/invoice-billing

Note that all functions related to invoices currently revolve around offline payments. We'll be adding support for credit card payments of invoices soon.

New look for Subscribers tab

We've changed the subscriber listing to bring more precedence to the most important information, and give you more control over your subscriptions directly from this page.


Over time we'll be combining a lot of the information from the Subscriptions and Customers tab to reduce duplication and give you faster access to the most-used information.

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    Matt Sellers


    I think the invoicing feature is great, but I don't see it under my "Subscribers" tab. I'm on the $459 plan as well. Any idea why?



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    Matt Matt


    Just had a quick look at the invoicing and it doesn't seem to do what we are after. We require that every charge taken from a card has an invoice associated with it. This means that every charge made to a card has an invoice generated and the payment taken as well.

    Is this possible?



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