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Consolidated Changelog - June 17 2013 though Nov 5 2013

We fell off the wagon with Changelog updates.  A lot of the big changes have been getting airplay over on the blog, but we wanted to give you the skinny here too!

v3.19.0 Nov 5 2013

Added "customer_organization" to Transactions CSV

Added access to Billing Portal Management Link via API and UI: http://docs.chargify.com/billing-portal and http://docs.chargify.com/api-billing-portal

Added "product_price_in_cents" and "product_version_number" to Subscription API: http://docs.chargify.com/api-subscriptions

v3.17.4 October 28 2013

Moves the "Display coupon field on hosted page" from a Site-level setting to a product-by-product setting

v3.17.0 October 24 2013

Fine-grained User Access Controls on certain plans: https://chargify.com/blog/access-controls/

v3.16.0 October 23 2013

Added a card update webhook (documentation coming soon)

v3.14.3 October 15 2013

Now showing the "estimated next billing amount" on the Subscription Summary page

Added webhooks for "statement_closed" and "statement_settled"

v3.14.2 October 14 2013

Two-factor Authentication for User accounts: https://chargify.com/blog/2fa-instant-webhook-generator/

v3.14.0 October 11 2013

Introduced the Webhooks Testing Panel, for instantly sending test webhooks with dummy payload for any webhook event: https://chargify.com/blog/2fa-instant-webhook-generator/

Limited Use Coupons: https://chargify.com/blog/coupons-groupon-livingsocial/

v3.13.1 October 9 2013

Added "cancel_at_end_of_period" & "delayed_cancel_at" to the subscriptions CSV export

v3.13.0 October 7 2013

Added "End of Trial" and "Upcoming Renewal" emails, that are sent 3 days before each event: https://chargify.com/blog/marketing-emails-exclusive-coupons/

Added coupon field to the subscriptions CSV export

v3.12.0 October 4 2013

Custom Fields on the hosted signup pages: https://chargify.com/blog/custom-fields/

v3.11.0 October 2 2013

Added support for component proration according to multiple schemes

Added ability to remove the Chargify logo from the Billing Portal on certain plans: https://chargify.com/blog/breckenridge-features/

Added a flag to "delay capture" or "accrue" one time charges until the next normal renewal: https://chargify.com/blog/breckenridge-features/

v3.10.3 September 23 2013

Adds sort={created_at,updated_at,closed_at} and direction={asc,desc} to Statements API: http://docs.chargify.com/api-statements

v3.10.0 September 19 2013

Added support for the eWay Rapid API: http://www.eway.com.au/developers/api/rapid-3-1

v3.8.0 August 30 2013

Added support the the BPOINT (Australia) gateway

Added settings that allow merchants to allow or disallow the following features of the Billing Portal: Plan changes, Cancellation, Card updates, Account information updates: https://chargify.com/blog/self-management-for-your-customers-billing-portal-is-live/

v3.7.3 August 27 2013

Added support for GBP and EUR for Stripe

v3.7.2 August 23 2013

Added a per-site reply email address, which takes precedence over the merchant-level reply address.


v3.7.0 August 22 2013

Released the Chargify Billing Portal, providing easy subscription self-management for your customers: https://chargify.com/blog/self-management-for-your-customers-billing-portal-is-live/

v3.6.5 August 19 2013

Introduced Metafields and Metadata for recording custom subscription and customer data within Chargify: https://chargify.com/blog/metafields-and-metadata-api-endpoints/

v3.6.1 August 6 2013

Added API endpoints for recording external payments: http://docs.chargify.com/api-payments

v3.4.6 July 16 2013

Added an option to include SSL and Chargify badges on your hosted payment pages: https://chargify.com/blog/new-signup-page-badges-for-customer-peace-of-mind/

v3.4.2 July 10 2013

Added support for Wirecard: https://chargify.com/blog/we-just-added-wirecard-more-eu-merchants-can-use-chargify/

v3.4.0 June 24 2013

Added option to allow PDF attachments to Statement and Invoice emails

v3.3.0 June 17 2013

Multicast Webhooks - merchants can now define up to 5 webhook endpoint URLs.





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