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Changelog - Nov 18 2013

This morning we deployed v3.21.0, which makes new parameters available to custom signup, receipt, dunning, and expiration email templates. These are the same fields that were first enabled on the new upcoming renewal and end of trial emails. The "old" fields are still available to you, so no change is needed if you want to keep your templates as they currently are.

Please see http://docs.chargify.com/email-templates for more detail on these parameters and how to use them.

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    Sandy Scott

    This would be incredibly useful, if it worked.  I don't seem to be able to get it to work.  I have tried inserting the fields both with and without their objects in a signup email - either way, the fields end up empty (and they are definitely not empty).  Advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Eric F

    Hi Sandy. The best way for us to assist you would be for you to open a support ticket at https://chargify.zendesk.com/tickets/new


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