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More easily request card updates from your customer

We've long offered the ability to email your customers a link to the hosted "card update page" when you needed to reactivate or retry their overdue subscriptions.

This feature can now be easily accessed from the "Payment Details" tab at any time:


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  • 0
    Alex Gerchikov

    Just saw this... And love it!

    This available through API so we can auto trigger this when merchant reports card declined?

  • 0
    Michael Klett

    @iCAT: It is not available through the API, but you can use {{update_url}} in your dunning emails to effectively do the same thing - the dunning emails will be sent automatically on a decline, and by including the hosted update page URL in that email, the customer can take action.

  • 0
    Lise Andersen

    Is it possible to translate or edit the text that is sent to the customer? We are in Denmark, and can't sent English language messages to our customers 

  • 0
    Kevy Kid

    How do you update the language to request payment updates?

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