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Consolidated Changelog - Jan 01 2014 thru Feb 18 2014

Amidst the flood of new features we've shipped in the last few weeks, we've neglected the Changelog! Here are the highlights from the past few weeks:

v3.40.0 Feb 18 2014

- Adds new "upcoming_renewal_notice" and "end_of_trial_notice" webhooks (http://docs.chargify.com/webhooks)

v3.39.0 Feb 13 2014

- Adds support for ACH/eCheck payments (https://chargify.com/blog/ach/)

v3.38.6 Feb 11 2014

- Fixed issue where card updates could fail but not display any errors (affected hosted update page, admin UI, and API)

v3.38.5 Feb 11 2014

- Highlight discounts and refunds on statements and invoices

v3.38.0 Jan 24 2014

- Add {{payment_profile.brand}} for email templates

- New "Subscription Summary >> Payment Details" UI in Admin


v3.37.0 Jan 24 2014

- Added {{payment.gateway_transaction_id}} to email templates

- More easily request card updates from your customer (https://chargify.zendesk.com/entries/26332250-More-easily-request-card-updates-from-your-customer)



v3.36.0 Jan 20 2014

- Adding Renewal Preview API endpoint to API v1 and API v2 (https://chargify.zendesk.com/entries/25820864-Changelog-Jan-21-2013)

v3.35.4 Jan 15 2014

- Bug fix to correctly display currency in invoices (use same currency as site)

v3.35.0 Jan 06 2014

- Add 'description' to Components API output

v3.34.1 Jan 02 2014

- Allow component allocation changes on subscriptions in 'end of life' state



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    Janelle Dauenhauer

    Really appreciate the new interface for changing/updating credit cards.  Also, I like having the ability to email a client directly from Chargify to request card update.  Thank you!

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