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Support for new Time Formats and Time Zones

Today we are announcing two new frequently requested Time/Date features that are going to be especially sweet for those of you that don’t live on the East Coast of the US!

Date/Time Format Selection

The new formats are less ambiguous and better for international merchants:


1/2/2014:  Is that January 2 or February 1?

2 Jan 2014:  Now that’s unambiguous for everyone.


03:55pm. That’s like saying “Oh-three-hundred” in the afternoon and mixes 24-hour and 12-hour clocks.

3:55 PM is clearer, in a subtle way.


Existing merchants can opt in to these new formats on their Site settings page.  New merchants (and newly created Sites) get the unambiguous formats automatically, but those can be changed.


These new formats display throughout both the Chargify app AND on customer-facing elements, like Statements.


Time Zone Selection


Traditionally, all dates and times in the app were displayed in the EST/EDT time zone.  This could be confusing for both you and your customers.  Now, we allow you to select your time zone on a per-Site basis.


You can select the default time zone for all Sites from your Merchant settings:



This can be overridden on a Site-by-Site basis:



Like the date/time formats, the new time zones take effect in both the app and in customer facing elements like Statements.  Note that we always denote the time zone using its 3-letter shortname, so that customers who are not in your default time zone can adjust their expectations.






  • As mentioned, the date/time format and time zone have effect throughout the app and in customer facing elements like Statements

  • Charts and graphs (“Analytics”) are still displayed in EST/EDT - we’re working on this

  • Most of the header stats and Key Metrics do adhere to your selected time zone - but please note that it may take up to a day for the stats to fully reflect the change

  • Some previously generated messages, like notes on payments (“Recurring Charge (01/03/2014 - 02/03/2014”) will not be reformatted.  But, new messages will follow the new format going forward.

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    Anna Markwell

    Hi, I can't see where to opt in to the new date format as an existing user - I've changed my time zone, but there isn't a drop down to select time/date format in my merchant settings.

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