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Salesforce + Chargify

See your Chargify customers and subscriptions in Salesforce.

Our Salesforce integration pushes Chargify customers & subscriptions into your Salesforce account, AND keeps that info updated as things change.

Read more on the blog: https://chargify.com/blog/salesforce/

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    Tim Shnaider

    Nathan, can the docs be quickly updated with the mapping of Chargify -> Salesforces data mapping.

    I'm doing a proposal where this is relevant and I need to be able to clarify with them if the mapping is suitable or we do our own.


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    Martin Traub-Werner

    Hi Nathan,

    I'm super-curious about this now too...when you say 'subscription' data, does that include products, and dollars?  Does every charge show up as an activity against the contact or account in SF.com?  This could be huge for us....please let me know.  Thanks.

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