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Maximum limits for Test Sites

Newly created accounts will have their test-mode sites limited to a maximum of 500 of each of coupons, subscriptions, customers and products, instead of being unlimited.  If too many records are created, an error message will be returned such as "Would exceed the limit of 500 subscriptions"

This will help ensure the stability and performance of the platform, by preventing merchants from creating too many unnecessary records. 

Test sites are intended for basic manual testing and confirming that your API integration code works as expected.  Unfortunately, some merchants may accidentally leave these automatic integrations running continuously on a test site, leading to extremely large numbers of records being created.

Existing accounts who are currently under this limit will not be able to exceed it going forward.  

We'll reach out to any merchants who are currently exceeding these new limits to ensure integrations don't suddenly break.  All accounts will need to comply with this limit by July 1st, 2014.  The limits can be lifted for legitimate needs by sending a request for an exception to the Support team.

[Update on May 8] - Raised the limit from 100 to 500.  This will keep almost all test sites from being affected, while still preventing issues with test sites that accidentally create tens or hundreds of thousands of subscriptions by accident.

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    Patrick Morganson

    We've reached the 500 limit on subscriptions on our test site.  We would like to clear the unused subscriptions and customers but keep the rest.  The API documentation says that a DELETE call on a subscription sets it as cancelled.  Are cancelled subscriptions counted in the 500 limit?  If so, is there a way to delete all cancelled subscriptions without deleting active ones?

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