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Bulk Product Version Switching

Last week, we introduced the ability to change the product version on individual subscriptions.  Today, we've added the ability to move all subscriptions on a given version of a product to the latest version of that product in one operation.

 When clicking on the "Versions" link for a product from within the Setup tab, a modal will now appear, listing the subscriber count for each version of that product. You can check the version(s) for which you want current subscribers to be moved to the latest version of that product.




Conveniently, we also display this modal if you edit a product in such a way that a new version of that product is created. A new version of a product will be created if the recurring period or price, trial period or price, initial/setup fee, or billing expiration/lifetime is changed.



Note: changing versions in this way will not re-run any subscriptions, nor will next renewal dates change on any subscription that is moved to the new version. However, the customer will be charged according to the new version's configuration at the next renewal.

Additionally, merchants can now see which version of a product a customer is subscribed to, from the Subscriptions tab. If there is no version number next to the product name, that means the customer is subscribed to the latest version of the product.


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