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Do I need my payment gateway's "Data Vault" or "Customer Information Manager" feature?


Chargify stores your customers' credit card data inside the payment gateway.

Different payment gateways use different names to identify their data storage service.

Possible names are:

Customer Information Manager (or "CIM"... used by Authorize.net)
Payment Profiles
Tokenized Billing
Data Vault, Secure Data Vault, or just "Vault"

In addition to security, these services give you total ownership of your customer credit card data. Instead of being stored on the Chargify servers, you can communicate directly with your gateway to update, delete, or transfer card data at any time.

Some providers charge an extra fee for their Payment Profiles feature. However, we believe the peace of mind that comes with using Payment Profiles is well worth the additional cost.

Please note with Authorize.net... if you just added CIM recently (like within the last 24 hours), it may not work yet. We have seen several merchants report that things just started working fine about 24 hours after turning on the CIM option in Authorize.net.

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