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Security Requirements for Credit Card Numbers

If you handle credit card numbers, you need to be sure the data is always secure!

Using Chargify Hosted Pages

If you use our hosted pages to collect credit card data from your customers, then we take care of security for you. The pages are secured using our SSL certificate.

Using Your Own Secure Pages with the Chargify API

If you use our API and create your own pages/forms to collect and display credit card numbers, then you need to be sure the data is always encrypted 1) on its way from your customer's browser to your servers, and 2) from your servers to Chargify.

  1. For any pages you host that collect or display credit card numbers, you must use an SSL certificate. These pages must only be accessed by your customers via https (not http).
  2. Chargify API calls are secured with Chargify's SSL certificate. You do not have to do anything extra to make this work.
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