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Authorize.Net Direct Response Delimiter Settings

Due to a recently discovered issue, Chargify currently requires that you not change the Authorize.Net Direct Response Delimiter Settings.  If you do, some transactions that rely on AVS may fail.  Additionally, if these settings are changed, some successful transactions may refuse to allow refunds, generating the error "The credit card number is invalid".

You can restore your default settings by following this guide:

1. Log In to your Authorize.Net control panel and click on "Settings"

2. From the Settings screen, select "Direct Response"


3. Make the following selections under Direct Response Delimiter

(These are the defaults)

Delimited Response: Yes

Default Field Separator: , (comma)

Field Encapsulation Character: (none)


We will soon be fixing this problem so that your settings do not affect our ability to parse certain responses from Authorize.Net.  If you have been affected by this problem, in particular if you receive the error "The credit card number is invalid" when attempting to issue a refund, contact us and we can usually help you fix the issue.

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    Dusty Reagan

    Does this still apply? I noticed mine was set to "Delimited Response: No" but I've been operating ok.

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