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Product Types / Pricing Models

Chargify supports a rich set of product types, pricing models, and billing scenarios so you can model almost any kind of business or service. Chargify can help with:

  • Flat-rate products/pricing
  • Metered Usage
  • Quanity-based (charging per "seat")
  • One-time charges

To see each type broken down, visit the Product Types section or check out "Does Chargify fit my pricing model?".

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    Isaak Dury

    Hi, we're trying to implement Chargify with our subscription system. I'm just getting a bit confused as to how best to model the products, families, different sizes etc. for clothing i.e. like Manpacks. Do you have any tutorials for clothing products and families, as I can only find examples relating to software subscription, which I find a bit more straight forward. 

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    Michael Klett

    You'll probably want just a single product family.

    If you offer pre-set packages or plans, set up each of these as a product with a specific price.  If there's only 1 plan, which is totally configurable, just have one $0 plan (or whatever the base price needs to be) that has the recurring interval you want.

    Each "item" would be best handled as quantity-based components on top of the plans.  I would suggest remembering sizes and colors on your side and just manipulating the quantity of a quantity-based component on the Chargify side.  They want 5 t-shirts?  Set a quantity of 5 on the t-shirt component, that has a per item price pre-configured by you.  They change to 6?  Increase the qty and we bill accordingly.

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    Hi! I'm developing a site were we sell accounts and the pricing schema is as follows:

    1 account -> $19 per month

    up to 10 accounts -> $15 each per month

    up to 30 accounts -> $12 each per month

    What's the best way to map that into Chargify's products?

    I believe I should use qty components but, how do I set the recurring billing?


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    raihan shaikh



    I am proposing the clients on using Chargify. The customers have the following questions to me which i tend to get help on


    1. How will it deal with prices increases. (if i have a product at £10.00 and tomorrow i increase its cost to £15.00 then how will this work)

    2. What happens if a user subscribed to a product which was £9.99 a month and 1 year later the price is increased to £12.00 we would only want this to be a price increase for new customer. How will the system deal with this.

    3. How does it deal with multi currency?

    4. What happens if we change the functionality the user gets per plan

    5. Say we want to change the plans but leave existing customers on their old plans?

    6. Can we give the user discounts

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    Kavitha Srinivasan

    I am trying to see how i can set up "metered usage" using Charify...ie transaction based billing. I hope to use it with an API Management product for a usecase to bill based on # of API calls. Can you pl help with letting me know how to do metered usage.

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