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How does Chargify compare to gateway solutions?

Payment gateway allows you to process charges and refunds to your customers. Some of the payment gateways and payment processors offer simple recurring billing features. As a full recurring billing system, Chargify goes way beyond those simple features and we continue to grow every week.

Some of the added features of Chargify:

  • Support for trial periods: Create custom trial periods by product or even by customer.
  • Automatic proration if your customers upgrade/downgrade during a billing cycle.
  • Dunning: Chargify will automatically reach out to your customers to resolve problems if their credit card payments fail.
  • Custom hosted pages for your customers to sign up and later to update credit card info.
  • Chargify allows you to enter coupon codes so your customers can get a discount when they sign up.
  • Track units consumed by your customers and then bill them accordingly (think of text messages sent or sales leads purchased).
  • Track "seats" used by customers over long periods of time, such as billing your customer based on the number of software licenses ("seats") they have or the number of hotel rooms they manage with your system, for instance.
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