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How does Chargify compare to Aria?

About Aria

Aria Systems is an on-demand billing & subscription management solution for SaaS companies. The venture backed company was founded in 2003 and has been a leader in the billing industry for several years, serving mainly the enterprise market.

Aria’s billing system has many of the same features as Chargify, including dunning tools, reporting and analytics, an API and customer management controls. Aria does have a few more capabilities than Chargify including Salesforce integration and the ability to use multiple payment processors. Aria is also one of the few recurring billing companies, along with Chargify, who are Level 1 PCI compliant.

Aria offers two editions of their subscription billing product:

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise edition includes the basic feature set (per-seat based billing, API, tax capabilities, standard reports, web service access, etc) along with several additional features:

  • Unlimited payment processors
  • Usage-based billing
  • CRM/Financial system integration
  • Phone support
  • PCI compliant hosted pages

Standard Edition

The Standard edition includes the same basic features as the enterprise edition but does not include phone support, PCI compliant hosted pages, channel management, ad hoc reporting or usage-based billing.

Aria also offers several a-la-carte options including custom web development, data migration, custom pay processing and more.


Pricing appears to be flexible as some report pricing based on revenue share while others report pricing per customer.

Aria does charge up front for the initial setup phase (pricing starts at $5,000 for standard implementation services) which includes setup and support. For smaller businesses who cannot afford the initial fee, some of it can be defrayed into a monthly service fee (based on number of customers).

How is Chargify different?

  • Chargify pricing is based on the number of customers you have. It is a monthly fee that only changes when the number of customers you have exceeds your plan.
  • Chargify does not charge a setup fee. We have a documentation section & a dedicated support team to help you if necessary.
  • Chargify offers 24/7 phone support to merchants on the Start, Grow or Max plan.
  • Reduced cost per subscription for free customers ($0 trial, $0 product, etc).
  • All plans include secure hosted payment pages.
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