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What makes Chargify qualified to handle my billing?

We Built Chargify from Experience

We built the recurring billing system that we needed when we started our own subscription-based businesses over the past 6 years.

Chargify was developed by the team behind Grasshopper.com and EngineYard.com - both of which are companies that serve entrepreneurs and small businesses with recurring billing business models.

We learned from our experiences and used that knowledge in Chargify. For instance, we know that about 50% of our churn rate is due to failed or expired credit cards. That’s why we equipped Chargify with the most robust set of dunning management tools available to help you deal with the “unhappy path” (when credit cards fail).


As a Chargify customer, you depend on the people and systems here at Chargify. Check out this video from inside our transaction processing center and meet some of the people behind the company.

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