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Allowing Donors to "name my price" for Recurring Donations

If you have a charity or non-profit organzation that collects donations from people, you may want to allow your donors to enter any amount, and then have that amount repeat every month or every quarter, etc.

Chargify is designed around the idea that product prices are predefined in Chargify, so how to allow each donor to enter the amount they want may not be obvious. But there is a way! You’ll set up a free recurring product and then add a “Quantity Component” to capture the recurring donation amount from each donor:

  • “Sacramento Animal Shelter” (Product Family name, which appears on hosted signup page)
  • “Monthly Donation” (Product name): $0 per billing period. Period = 1 month.
  • “Monthly Donation Amount” (Quantity Component name): $1 per unit

Here’s how this works: your donor will sign up for a free recurring product, but there will also be a Quantity Component added to that subscription. A Quantity Component rides along with a product and bills whenever the product bills. Your donor enters the amount they want right on the Chargify hosted signup page, by entering a quantity for the component. Each unit of the component is $1, so by entering “17”, the donor will pay $17 per month.

Now, the hosted page usually wants to display more info than you’ll want in this case. For instance, showing your donor that the product is a $0 product will be confusing. So here is Javascript that you can upload in your Chargify hosted page settings to make the form perfect for donations:

function hideRecurringLineItem(){
    var txt = $(this).text();
$(document).bind("afterSummaryRefresh", hideRecurringLineItem); 

Here’s the result…


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