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How to see who needs something shipped

In order to check who needs something shipped you can take the following steps:

  1. Log into your dashboard and select your site
  2. Click on Transactions 
  3. Change the From/To date to the date of the renewals or the dates since you last shipped and check in "Payments"
After you have selected the date (in this case, set the From and To dates to the same date to get all renewals for that day), click Filter. 
You will see a listing of successful and failed renewals.
From there you can click "Export current view (all pages)" to download a CSV of the information you see in front of you, which is useful for your own tracking. If you need the customers address, you can click on the subscriber name to get their shipping address.
Please note that if you capture one-time payments from your customers from the subscription page, they will show in this view and don't necessarily represent renewals for which things need shipment.
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