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Using Hosted Pages with iFrames is unsupported

There are many browser security issues that can affect the functionality of the Chargify Hosted Pages when placed inside an iframe on your site.

We cannot provide support for issues that arise from the use of hosted pages inside an iframe.

Chargify hosted pages must be able to set a cookie in the client's browser in order to work properly.  In some browsers, if our page is embedded inside an iframe, our cookies appear as "3rd party" cookies and are often blocked by the browser.  We have implemented technical workarounds, such as setting the P3P headers as required by Internet Explorer for 3rd party data.  However, since the browser security landscape is always evolving, we cannot guarantee that our pages inside an iframe will work consistently.

If you choose to use our hosted pages inside of an iframe, you assume the technical risks associated therein.

Alternatives include:

  • Redirecting the user to our hosted pages rather than using an iframe
  • Utilizing Chargify Direct to keep the signup page on your site, in a PCI-friendly way
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    Daniel Rasmuson

    I wish Chargify would throw an error (or warning) in the console if it is embedded inside an iframe, "Chargify Does Not Support Embedding inside an Iframe".

    I didn't stumble onto this article until I had finished my implementation and started to find bugs in Safari. :(

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