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Two-Factor authentication

Each user has the option to enable two-factor authentication on his/her account.  This is an added security option that requires you to enter a random number from your mobile phone each time you log in.  It helps protect against lost or compromised passwords and is an emerging standard for increasing the security of sensitive applications (especially those in the financial industry).

We have partnered with security provider Authy to add two-factor authentication.  You have the option of receiving authentication codes via text message, or installing the Authy smartphone app (the Authy app is also compatible with Google Authenticator!):


Here's how to get started:

  • After signing in to Chargify, go to 'My Account' (in the upper right corner).
  • Select "Enable two-factor authentication"
  • Selection_254.png
  • Enter your phone number:
  • Selection_255.png
  • You'll receive a series of texts to get started and help you install the smartphone app.

Signing In

Whenever you go to sign in, you'll be prompted to enter your Authy code in order to access Chargify:




If you lose your phone, need to reset the app, or have other questions, be sure to check the Authy FAQ: https://www.authy.com/faq 

If you are having trouble signing in, please feel free to contact Chargify Support for help!

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  • 0
    Dmitry Fink

    Is there any way to make Chargify 2FA trust the computer for a month? Having to enter 2FA everytime is very annoying, to the point that some team members are about to disable it alltogether :(


  • 0
    Drew Blas

    Hi Dmitry,

    This is a very good idea and we've decided we're going to implement it. I don't have an exact timeline, but be on the lookout for an option on the 2FA screen to remember your computer.

  • 0
    Drew Blas

    Hi Dmitry,

    We've implemented this change and you can now choose to remember the computer, which will disable requests for your 2FA code (but not your password) for a period of time. I hope this helps. Thanks for your feedback and patience!

  • 0
    Brian Pinney

    The article states "the Authy app is also compatible with Google Authenticator". Please link a tutorial or describe in detail how to use Authy codes with Google Authenticator.

  • 0
    Drew Blas

    Hi Brian,

    Sorry that's unclear:  It means that the Authy app can be used to generate Google Authenticator codes (so you can store other 2FA sites inside the Authy app).  But Google Authenticator can NOT be used to generate Authy codes.

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