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What is your uptime?

We aim to have the absolute best uptime possible.  We don't have regularly scheduled interruptions or customer-affecting maintenance.  And planned interruptions are kept to an absolute minimum (we have not had any planned downtime in the last year).

We publish our public uptime via the third-party service Pingdom.  It's available here: http://stats.pingdom.com/p7x42pb3mmgt/480614

We also have a status site (http://status.chargify.io/), independent from our primary systems, that helps to keep you up-to-date on any issues we may be experiencing. You can even subscribe to get notifications on changes in our application status.

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    Brianna Blanchard

    Are there any stats on the uptime of the test portal? We've encountered downtime several times and while it's obviously not as important as uptime of the live site, it would be nice to know the reliability of the test portal.

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    Drew Blas

    Hi Brianna,

    Our portal, both test and live, share all the same infrastructure. Although we don't guarantee the same uptime, all parts of our app including Billing Portal, have had the same uptime and we've had no known disruptions of service in the past few months. (Our status history is viewable at http://status.chargify.io/)

    So it's definitely a concern for us if you think you're experiencing some kind of interruption. Please reach out to our support team (support@chargify.com) so we can collect some details from you and see how we can help you track down what is going on.


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