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Quantity-Based Components (charging per "seat")

See the documentation for Product Components

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    Atul Paradkar

    Does Chargify support prorating of charging per seat?  If not, the system is not really useful.

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    James Newton


    We'll be rolling out prorated components very soon.

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    Pawel Jordan

    When teh proration for components will be available ? also is it possible to add maximum in components. or some kind of inventory for subscription ?




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    Michael Klett

    Paul and Atul,

    Prorated components are available now! https://chargify.com/blog/breckenridge-features/

    We're currently discussing how to enforce maximums.  How would you like it to work?

    Inventory is not in the plans.

    Thanks, Michael

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    Phil Hart

    Michael, I need to set a maximum component value and been searching how and came across this.  I see that it has been over 3 years and chargify still does not have an option to set a max value.  I want it to work so that if someone enters a value over what I have defined, an error message is shown and it adjusts the value to the maximum value I set.

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