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Metered-Usage Components (charging for units consumed)

See the documentation for Product Components

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    Mark V

    The documentation you point to is silent on whether this feature generates credit risk for a merchant - i.e. when the customer cancels their account what happens:

    • The currently recorded/logged usage is charged before the cancellation is processed?

    • Can a merchant allow their users (i.e. the merchant's client) to specify a cap on their usage charges?

    • Can the vendor provide a webhook endpoint to receive account CRUD notifications, and be given a window (likely just seconds) in which to update the usage record.

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    Patrick Morganson

    Are metered usage components included when offering a trial period on products?  If I have a product with a 30 day trial period, and I want track metered usage during that trial period, will the metered usage component be free?

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    Vladimir Yu


    I created volume component with price brackets:

    0..10    $0
    11..INF $1

    When I add to subscription 10 units I see total cost is zero, but when I add 10 more cost is jumping to $20, as if all units starting from zero is charged, while I expected only 10 units to be charged.


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