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Billing Cycle after Trial Period

This was a question from one of our merchants that we thought could help others, too.

Question: What happens when a trial expires and a credit card has not been captured on the subscription?

  • Since the current_period_ends_at date for the subscription is the end of the trial and not the product duration, does a new subscription (minus trial) get created when payment is successful? Or does the subscription current_period_ends_at apply the product duration then slide?

  • What statuses can result and what is the reason?

  • Does the new end date include/exclude the trial period?


A new subscription is not created when the trial ends. It's the same subscription, and the product duration is applied and the window slides.

So, say it's Jan. 1 and I sign up for a product with a 10-day trial and a 1 month billing cycle:

  • Jan. 1 - Jan. 10 - trialing
  • Successful payment
  • Jan.10 - Feb. 10 - active

If, in the above example, if the payment had failed on Jan. 10, the period would still be updated to Jan. 10 - Feb. 10, but the subscription would move to Past Due status.

The new end date is independent of the trial. Whenever the trial ends, the new current_period_ends_at date is calculated by sliding the window by 1 normal period.

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    Kia Bailey

    If I create a subscription with a 3 month trial period.. But I want them to be billed weekly for the amount of products they purchase, I can still do that correct?

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    Jean Harrison

    I noted in the Subscription States documentation that in the Past Due status, "If you have enabled our automated dunning, this subscription will be in the dunning process". Does that mean a subscription that was in a Trialing status that has lapsed and the customer has not entered credit card information that they will get the automated dunning emails, even if there is no credit card to fail processing?

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