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Gateway Troubleshooting Guide

Common Q&A

1) I attempted to charge a user a one-time charge, but received no error response from Chargify.

Unfortunately, there isn't currently any log when it comes to one-time charges as they aren't logged in the same way that other charges and payments are logged. For this, you will have to wait until the subscription is processed for the period and when/if it fails, you can then examine the gateway logs (specifically the gateway output).

2) My signups are failing because XXX

Good news, you should be able to figure out why your signups are not able to complete successfully. To do this, you'll need to do the following:

a) Log into your account, and select the site for which the issue is occurring.
b) On your dashboard, you will see the activity log. In the activity log - there will be an entry for "Signup failed".


Troubleshooting the Authorize.Net Gateway

Authorize.Net works with merchant accounts in the US only, but can work with customers/consumers in the following areas:

  • All Countries
  • Product prices are in USD
  • Customers purchasing in other currencies will be charged in their local currency at the exchange rate in effect at the time of the transaction


In terms of technical requirements when appropriating an Authorize.Net account, you will need to know the following:

  • You DO need the Customer Information Manager (CIM) option turned on. It will usually cost extra money per month (around $20/month)
  • You DON'T need the Automatic Recurring Billing (ARB) feature.

You will also need a merchant account with a compatible bank. Authorize.Net works with most merchant accounts, such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc. If you need an Authorize.Net account and a merchant account, please contact one of Chargify's partners who will help get you setup with everything you need within a week or so.

A number of tips for Authorize.Net setup are available here.

Response Reason Codes

In most cases, when a transaction can't be processed - Authorize.Net will respond with a number of fields that can help you diagnose the issue. The important fields to look at in the gateway output log, are response_code, response_reason_code and response_subcode. The first two (response_code and response_reason_code) are very useful at diagnosing an issue, as there is a publically accessable site that you can view here (Response Code Descriptions) which details the various combinations and the possible description of the issue. However, there are a number of combinations that don't have any descriptive text at all, and those are:

Response Code

Response Reason Code









In these cases, the error is usually (not guaranteed) that the merchant isn't "white listed" for that customers card. In this case, they will need to call their issuing provider and ask about the decline. In most cases, the issues can be resolved. In these cases, the customer will most likely have to call their issuing provider to solve the potential issue.

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