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API request to get sales/reports stats

There is an API call you can use that will return basic site stats.
It's used by our iPhone app and folks like Geckoboard to enable easy site statistics.
-- Kori (@djbyter)

Site Statistics
URL: https://<subdomain>.chargify.com/stats.json
Method: GET
Response: The site's statistics

Json Example:

When I send a GET request to https://<subdomain>.chargify.com/stats.json
The response should be "200 OK"
And the response should be in the json:
"seller_name": "your value",
"site_name": "your value",
"stats": {
"total_subscriptions": "some value",
"subscriptions_today": "some value",
"total_revenue": "some string value like $1234.34, not an int",
"revenue_today": "some string value",
"revenue_this_month": "some string value",
"revenue_this_year": "some string value"

I'm pulling that from my own Chargify.NET wrapper, so I'm pretty sure that's how it works.

-- Kori (@djbyter)

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