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Xero Integration (Beta)

Chargify has a new integration with the popular Xero accounting system.  This integration is currently in Beta status, so you'll need a few things in order to use it:

  • Request access by opening a ticket (email to support@chargify.com) and telling us the email address on the user account(s) that need access.  Until your user account is granted access you will not see the "Xero" tab under the "Integrations" tab
  • A Chargify subscription to the free Developer plan OR the Plus ($199/mo) or higher 1

How It Works

Each one of your Chargify statements 2 is synced to Xero as a new Invoice as follows:

  • A Xero contact is created or updated to match the Chargify customer details
  • All charges (non-tax line items) are assigned to a single Xero account (accounts receivable) of your choice
  • Discounts from coupons are computed as line-item discounts
  • Taxes are calculated by Xero and added per-line item as follows:
    • Any tax rate in Chargify can be assigned to a Xero system tax rate, i.e. GST, for proper tax reporting
    • Any tax rate in Chargify that is NOT explicitly mapped to a Xero system tax rate will be "auto-synced" to Xero and used for the line-item
  • Any discrepancies between the Chargify statement and the Xero invoice totals (due to rounding issues in tax calculations, for example), are reconciled via a special line item assigned to the system rounding account
  • Unpaid (past due) statements in Chargify are properly reflected as Unpaid Invoices in Xero
  • Payments made via Chargify are recorded in Xero, assigned to the account (bank account) of your choosing, and applied to the invoice, marking it as paid
  • Credits in Chargify (i.e. negative charges) are synced to Xero as Credit Notes that get attached to the invoice.

Please note that this integration is quite new.  We recommend testing the integration before going live yourself - first try connecting this to your test/staging Chargify site, which in turn can be connected to a test Xero organization.  We would love to hear your feedback and bug reports.

Please also note the following limitations:

  • Payment data is not pushed to Xero until a Statement is "closed" in Chargify. This happens only during signup, renewal, and upgrade/downgrade migrations when the payment is successful (which may be after a payment is retried).
  • Refunds are not currently supported. They will be added very soon, as Paid Credit Notes in Xero.

1 The integration is not available to the New Idea ($65/mo) or Basic ($149/mo) plans.  If you are on one of these plans and would like to evaluate the Xero integration, let us know and we'd be happy to apply an account credit so you can try it for free.

2 Statements are generated at the time signup, renewal, and prorated upgrades/downgrades.  They contain all of the transactions for the billing period.

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  • 0
    Vinnie Morgan

    Really excited to have this up and running.
    Quick question - for recurring invoices that are paid via bank transfer and recorded as paid in Xero - will there be a 2 way sync to then update the invoice as paid in Chargify?
    Happy to feedback further once we've had a number of days data pass through.
    Vinnie, www.BookingLive.com

  • 0
    Jason Allen

    How do you disconnect the existing Xero account that integration is tied to. I've disconnected Chargify from the Xero side, but there doesn't appear to be a way in Chargify Integrations to start over from the initial 'Connect to Xero' stage.

  • 0
    Kirk Musick

    Having the same issue--

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