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Testing Your Pricing Model in Chargify

Before testing, make sure you have completed the following steps: 

Let's begin your testing!

This testing is used to determine that your pricing model is configured correctly. It assumes you are still using the Chargify Test Gateway (the default gateway in your account).

You can test in a variety of ways. Here are the most common:

Testing with the Public Hosted Pages

  • Find your Public Hosted Payment Page URL (Go to Setup -> Click "Public Signup Pages -> Click the Clipboard Icon to copy the link -> Paste this link in a different browser.
  • Fill out the information - use "1" as the credit card number to simulate a successful transaction
  • Submit the form
  • Inside your Chargify account, go to Subscriptions Tab -> Click on the subscription you just made
  • Make sure the subscription looks correct
  • Repeat this testing as necessary

Testing within the Chargify app

  • Go to Subscriptions Tab -> Click "Create New Subscription"
  • Fill out the information - use "1" as the credit card number to simulate a successful transaction). Note: even if you defined your product to not require certain fields (such as a shipping address), these fields will show. You do not need to fill them out.
  • Submit the form
  • Make sure subscription looks correct
  • Repeat this testing as necessary (tip: to save time, you can create a new subscription following the steps above, but make sure to choose an existing customer and payment profile)

Test in Live Mode

It is always best to run some tests in live mode to be on the safe side. Since you will be using a real credit card (presumably yours), you may wish to create an inexpensive test product. A good rule of thumb is $1 or less.

Testing in live mode is crucial because it allows you to verify that Chargify is successfully connecting to your payment gateway and that transactions are flowing smoothly.

  • Switch from Test Mode to Live Mode (Note: you will need to upgrade to a paid Chargify plan in order to switch to live mode).
  • Subscribe to one of your products
  • Check for any errors (most likely, none will occur)

If an error does occur, the most likely cause is incorrect gateway credentials. For example, the wrong API Key or login, a typo, etc. Verify that your credentials are correct, and try again. If the problem persists, please check these knowledge base articles





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