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How does your pricing work?

Chargify’s pricing is fixed and based on the number of paying customers your business bills. A paying customer is defined as a subscriber who is actively paying or owes money. These customers are counted on a monthly basis. Chargify does not charge per transaction fees or percentages of revenue.

What about non-paying (free) users?

Non-paying users are typically part of a freemium plan. Core plans include up to 1,000 free non-paying users, and all Enterprise plans include up to 5,000 free non-paying users. Overages for non-paying users cost 1 cent per user per month.

What happens if I go over the maximum number of paying customers on my plan?

Congratulations, you’re business is growing! If you exceed the number of paying customers, we charge you for the additional paying customers at the end of the month. This fee ranges from $0.99 per paying customer to as low as $0.06 per paying customer, depending upon your current Chargify plan.

When it makes sense to upgrade to the next plan, we will notify you to switch plans.

Are there Payment Gateway fees?

Chargify’s plans do not include your payment gateway and merchant account fees. The industry norm for these fees are 2.9% + .30 per transaction, but they may vary depending on your gateway and merchant account provider. See question #6 for a complete list of gateways Chargify supports.

To learn more about Chargify’s pricing, visit: www.chargify.com/sign-up

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