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Thirsty for more information?

At Chargify, we want to ensure that you're set up for success from the very beginning. That's why we put together a small collection of articles to get you oriented on the core features of the product, as well as some new terms.  If you've finished reading all of the articles under Chargify 101, we've got a few suggestions on where to go next. 

  1. Chargify highly recommends you read our blog post Top 20 Chargify Getting Started Questions (and Answers)This is an informative collection of articles that covers our most frequently asked questions (and answers) from customers. Here, you'll also learn how to sign up for one of our informative webinars, held on Mondays - Thursdays. 
  2. Afterwards, we suggest moving onto the Quick Start GuideWe'll dive deeper into some of the core features of Chargify. We'll cover such things as basic terminology and examine what's under the hood. 

We're thrilled you've chosen Chargify to manage your billing requirements. If there's an article that you'd like to see added to our knowledge base, please let us know!

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