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How do I create a report of all 'Active' Subscriptions with a balance due?

You can easily create a report of all 'Active' Subscribers with positive balances with a simple export from the Subscriptions tab. 

  • First, start by navigating to your Subscriptions tab.
  • Select 'Active' from the Status dropdown menu and then select 'Filter'. This will begin the process to download the report you need to proceed. 


  • Open the report with the spreadsheet software of your choice!
  • Sort the list descending via the column AE (balance)
  • You'll now have an descending list of all of your Subscriptions that are 'Active' with a balance due.

Feel free to use this same method of displaying data for Past Due, Unpaid and Cancelled Subscribers. For more information, please check our main documentation on Subscription states.

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