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How do my customers update their credit card information?

Every Chargify Subscription has an automatically generated URL for a Self-Service Page. This page will only allow your users to update their payment method.

Below is an example of a Self-Service page that a customer will use to update their payment method. 

There are a few ways for you, as the Merchant, to obtain the self service link. Additionally, there a few ways to have Chargify automatically provide your customers with the link. 

Instructions to automatically have Chargify send your subscribers the link:

  • Settings --> Retries & Dunning -> Add Message. Include the URL in your dunning emails by adding {{update_url}} in any of your messages. 
  • Settings --> Emails --> Edit Template. You can include the URL in your email templates by adding {{update_url}} in any of your messages.

For a full list of what dynamic variables are available, please view our documentation here

Instructions to manually obtain or send the Self-Service link:

  • Via the Subscriptions tab --> Click a subscription -> Payment Details -> “Email Customer to Request Payment Update”. This will include a link to the self-service page. 

  • Via the Subscriptions tab --> Click a subscription --> Actions --> "View self-service page." This method will give the merchant the URL. They can then send a link to the customer manually through their own email account.  

Customers may also update their payment information via the Billing Portal. You can read all about the Billing Portal here.  The aforementioned instructions are important to point out, as not all Merchants choose to enable the Billing Portal. 

For more information on Public Pages, please see our documentation here


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